Had a new thought on this today...

    Context: I dumped way too much text on a coworker, and I'm sure it's too much to process in a single conversation. But that's sort of how conversations should work, if there's going to be synergy: You need to to be able to let your brain go as far as it can before getting more input from others. And yet, if you do that, your conversation partner is overwhelmed.
    • Thought: Perhaps the protocol should be
      • A sends wall of text that represents all of the things A's thinking about
      • B highlights bits for follow-up, for any reason, which are immediately visible to A
      • While A is pondering why those highlights, B writes something about each one - questions, comments, objections. Each of these may themselves be walls of text, ('cause who says your reaction to something will always be simple?) which then follow the protocol recursively.
    • The highlight thing seems important to me, and would need tool support (?). That's the main thought. I can understand a wall of text from you if I can highlight all the things that "catch" in my mind, and when I'm done, that's a TODO list for me.