Epistemic status: This picture was initially presented to me as an electron microscope picture. Turns out it's a rendering in Maya based on EM pictures, which doesn't affect what seems to me to be a common sense conclusion.

Reactions, in order:
  • Wha... what??
  • Kinda crowded in there
  • Wait, cells really look like textbook diagrams of cells? [Maybe, maybe not. This picture is a rendering. My wife also mentioned that even if it was an EM picture, the colorization would highlight things we already know about, and ignore what we don't know about.]
  • The delay in practical nanotech fabrication methods have (afaict) caused the public impression of them to be "this is fake, and you're weird to talk about it". But pictures like this remind me that's wrong. Nanotech is a real, utterly life-changing technology that will one day give us godlike powers, because tiny machines already exist. We just can't yet build our own.